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At Fit Equine, we want to empower the equestrian community. No matter where you live, and what discipline you choose to pursue, we provide you with world class trainers and mentors. Choose what you want to learn, and when you want to learn it. We are the next biggest equestrian network, here for you and your horse.

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  • To inspire equestrians through the words of champions

I’m am a third level dressage rider and I’m always looking for new exercises that work on my horse's suppleness. I found plenty on Fit Equine and I’m so excited to try it out with my gelding!
Anna Taylor - Los Angeles
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Meet our founder.

Christina Povolotsky

Founder & CEO

Growing up in LA, Christina had a passion for both horses and learning. When she was just twelve years old, she started her first business as an exercise rider, inspiring the name Fit Equine. After grading school early, Christina became a professional rider and trainer. Through her experience, she learned the value of education and founded Fit Equine with a desire to inspire the equestrian community.

Jonathan Williams

Lead Videographer and Editor

Jonathan's passion for photography & video production started out with a simple sketch drawn from his imagination. At the time, he was aspiring to become a Video Game Art Specialist & Graphic Designer. As he pursued his passion, he discovered a whole new world behind the lens. Today Jonathan is the CEO of Jwill Design Studios, and is the lead videographer and editor for Fit Equine Inc.

Audrey Pavia


With a growing passion for both horses and writing, Audrey graduated from New York University with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. Upon graduation, Audrey became the editor of Horse Illustrated magazine. She eventually became a freelance writer and book author, penning 23 books about animals, including “Horses for Dummies.” She has also written for numerous horse publications, including Fit Equine, the American Farriers Journal, Horse & Rider, Appaloosa Journal, USDF Connection and Western Horse & Gun.

Allison Armstrong Rehnborg

Award Winning Freelance Equine Journalist 

Allison is an award-winning writer with a lifelong obsession for all things equine. In 2012, she interned with the American Quarter Horse Association's publications department and graduated with her master's degree in horse science from MTSU. As a writer and photographer, she has written hundreds of articles for multiple horse publications, including Fit Equine, Horse Illustrated, Horse & Rider, the NRHA Reiner, the American Paint Horse Journal, and others.

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